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New York Workers’ Compensation

We Have Your Best Interests At Heart

It seemed to come out of nowhere — one day you were working, and the next, you suffered a work injury leaving you unable to work for some time. You’ve filed a workers’ compensation claim, but you still have many unanswered questions and concerns.

Your concerns include: how will I be able to afford my living expenses while I am out of work? What about my medical expenses? How can I focus on my recovery when I’m dealing with all of these financial pressures? At The Law Offices of Lee S. Braunstein, P.C., serving Nassau County, Long Island and New York City, New York, our attorneys take the time to fight for you in every possible way.

Questions An Attorney Can Help Answer

Some common questions you may have about workers’ compensation include:

  • How soon will I start receiving workers’ compensation benefits?
  • What benefits will I receive through workers’ compensation?
  • How much compensation will I receive?
  • How long will I receive this compensation?
  • Does worker’s compensation cover my type of injury?

An experienced New York workers’ compensation lawyer can help speed up the claims process to get you the benefits you deserve as soon as possible. An attorney can also help you take control of your benefits — the insurance company is in total control of your benefits until you hire an attorney, who will have your best interests at heart.

An Aggressive Approach To Maximize Your Compensation

Because many workers’ compensation claims can be denied and reach the point of a settlement or trial, you want to hire an attorney who will take the time to be aggressive and persistent with your settlement or case if it goes to trial. Many larger firms do not have the time to do this.

Our firm pays attention to every detail. Dealing with a serious injury can be very emotionally difficult. That’s why we help our clients receive psychological therapy or counseling if they need it, and have workers’ compensation pay for it as part of the injury. We want our clients to recover in all aspects of their health and well-being.

Let Us Help You Navigate The Complex System Of Workers’ Compensation

Over the last several years, New York state workers’ compensation rules and regulations have changed drastically for claimants and physicians. An error can result in the loss of hard-earned benefits.

Now more than ever, it is crucial for you as an injured worker to retain an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, who can help you to receive the monetary and medical benefits you deserve.

With our no-fee promise, you have nothing to lose. Call our office in Westbury today at 516-259-0078, or visit our contact page.

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