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Repetitive Stress Injuries

Injuries That Happen Over A Period Of Time Are Covered By Workers’ Comp

Many New York occupations or jobs include tasks that require repetitive motions. Over time, these repetitive motions can cause strain in parts of your body. The strain can cause repetitive stress injuries in the workplace. These are also known as repetitive strain injuries, or a repetitive motion injury.For example, typing all day can cause you to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Clicking a mouse repetitively, holding a phone against your shoulder for long periods or repeatedly carrying heavy or oddly shaped objects can cause similar injuries.Workers’ compensation insurance covers these types of injuries. If you experience these types of injuries on the job, you may be entitled to benefits, including medical care and compensation for lost wages for the time you are unable to work. At The Law Offices of Lee S. Braunstein, P.C., we have helped thousands of clients in Nassau County, Long Island and New York City, New York, get the benefits they deserve after a work injury, including injuries like these that can happen gradually.

Types Of Repetitive Stress Injuries

Besides carpal tunnel syndrome, other repetitive stress injuries include:

  • Tendinitis
  • Tenosynovitis
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome

Occupational Diseases Or Illnesses Also Covered By Workers’ Comp

Some jobs also have the risk of occupational diseases. These are diseases that are a result of your working conditions.

Examples of occupational diseases that workers’ compensation could cover include:

  • An X-ray technician who is regularly exposed to radiation
  • Respiratory problems or dermatitis caused by exposure to toxins or chemicals
  • Lead poisoning from exposure to lead
  • Hearing loss caused by work conditions

Did Your Job Worsen Your Injury Or Illness?

If you had a repetitive stress injury or occupational disease prior to starting your current job, but your current work has aggravated your injury or disease, you can be eligible for workers’ compensation. This is an aggravation of a pre-existing condition and workers’ compensation covers this by law. Our lawyers at The Law Offices of Lee S. Braunstein, P.C., can aggressively fight for you if your work has aggravated a pre-existing condition or injury.

Let Us Do The Work While You Recover

As workers’ compensation claims can easily become complex and overwhelming, it’s important to consult with an attorney who pays attention to the details. Let us handle the documents, deadlines and paperwork while you focus on your recovery. Call our office in Westbury today to take advantage of our no-fee promise at 516-259-0078, or visit our contact page.

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